• donwonbert

    Bert Hayden

    President and Chief Financial Officer for Lethal Gaming, LLC. Creating Opportunities for Gamers and Values for our Sponsors. ...Read More

  • Lethal Hated

    Lethal Hated

    I am COO & Co-Owner of Lethal Gaming. If you would like to know more about me join me on Discord... I am always there!! ...Read More

  • Antifreke

    Jes Mayer

             Public Relations Manager and Director of Community Operations Pro Battlefield player, R6 Seige lover, College Professor and tea junkie. Engaged and loving life in Washington DC. Lethal Tech Guru Mixer Partner, Variety Streamer The Original Glazhole and Siege Professor...Read More

  • Lethal_Disciple

    Kyle Drury

    I am the Chief International Marketing Officer for Lethal Gaming LLC. I work closely with the Owners and Directors of Lethal. I Provided assistance to all members, streamers, eSports teams. I strive to promote our teams, army, and sponsors in anyway that I can! Ps4 Cod Semi Pro - Connect with me (@Lethal_Disciple, PSN Xv-Disciple-vX) Business inquiries ( #staylethal...Read More