• donwonbert

    Bert Hayden

    President and Chief Financial Officer for Lethal Gaming, LLC. Creating Opportunities for Gamers and Values for our Sponsors. ...Read More

  • Lethal Hated

    Lethal Hated

    I am COO & Co-Owner of Lethal Gaming. If you would like to know more about me join me on Discord... I am always there!! ...Read More

  • Antifreke

    Jes Mayer

             Public Relations Manager and Director of Community Operations Pro Battlefield player, R6 Seige lover, College Professor and tea junkie. Engaged and loving life in Washington DC. Lethal Tech Guru Mixer Partner, Variety Streamer The Original Glazhole and Siege Professor...Read More

  • MuTeD_JuKeBoX

    Hello Im JuKeBoX The Director of Content for all platforms here on Lethal Gaming LLC | Im a retired RSV2 pro who has moved onto Content Creation and streaming. I have a love for gaming and providing daily entertainment for people who enjoy gaming aswell. ...Read More

  • mrdaywrecker

    Ryan Donarski

    Co-owner and Co-director of the lethal army.  My name is ryan I'm 25 and from Colorado. I live in Florida now. I play loads of games like call of duty, halo, csgo, h1z1, pubg. and many more. I also stream on twitch. If you have any questions I'm always here to help. ...Read More

  • BoltzFan_US


    Co-Owner of Lethal Gaming and Founder of the pub clan KhaotiK Gaming.. My son @xCorrupt is currently grinding for the release of WWII and his 18th B-Day in 2018... ...Read More

  • Dalton

    Dalton Devlin

    Social Media Manager for Lethal Gaming, LLC. Tweeter of tweets and collector of dank memes....Read More

  • Lethal Ellis

    Chris Ellis

    Chief Marketing Officer of Lethal Gaming LLC. and has over 11 years' of experience in marketing. He started his career at the age of 14 creating websites for local businesses. He has a broad range of talents which include graphic design, videography, webdesign and much more. His love for games and passion for design makes him the perfect asset for Lethal Gaming LLC....Read More