Lethal H1Z1 Team

Lethal H1Z1 Team
  • prodigyaces

    Jose Aces

    H1Z1 pro player...Read More

  • mig99og

    Miguel Medina

    Professional H1Z1 Player...Read More

  • imperialhal

    Phillip Dosen

    H1Z1 player for Lethal gaming. Have played h1z1 since the first map came out, and have placed as high as 18th NA in Pre Season 2. Im also a participant of the NA 2017 showdown and 4 time top 3 champions arena player. Lastly, ive played a lot of other fps games like COD and Halo since the 1st one came out for each....Read More

  • qtvenom

    Francisco Ledesma

    ...Read More

  • bloodinfernoo

    ...Read More

  • Menma

    Joseph Marinacci

    Twitch Streamer | Captain & Professional H1Z1 Player for Lethal Gaming (@LethalLLC)...Read More

  • LethalJoe

    Joseph Jenkins

    I'm a line worker chasing my dreams and love to play h1z1 and call of duty! Part of the lethal gaming! Manager for H1Z1 Team! Drop a follow on my channel ...Read More