Lethal Army

Lethal Army

The largest eSports community in the world, the Lethal Army.

  • Lethal Frodo


    Hi my Name is Mike But known as Frodo to most people (No I have Never watched LoTR's) I'm a Xbox Community Ambassador and a Full time Streamer on Mixer https://mixer.com/frodo86 I am EU Manager of the Lethal R6 Siege Community as well as a Recruiter. I play for the Lethal EU ESL Team and am a Co-Captain for the team "Lethal White" I'm always Free to Help people and Answer any questions people may have ~ Remember: Keep Gaming and StayLethal ~ ...Read More

  • Lethal Spidey

    Reilly Sutton

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  • Cozmo LG

    Camden Chesbrough

    I'm an aspiring CoD pro and entertainer. I stream Call of Duty, CS:GO, H1z1, and much more. Check my stream and YouTube channel out for entertainment! Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/cozmotwitch YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoWO3c8af7NERUJbQ5DpG4w Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cozmo_LG...Read More

  • Lethal Miss X

    Sarah Barber

    Member of Lethal Gaming Community Stream Team and Canada Recruitment Manager. When I'm not streaming or recruiting I work as a Human Services Worker helping people with disabilities learn skills and seek employment, cuddle with my fur baby Bagel, working out, and relaxing on the beach. Stay Lethal! twitch- https://twitch.tv/LethalMissX twitter- https://twitter.com/LethalMissX ...Read More

  • Lethal Salad

    Mike Thrush

    I am a member of Lethal Gaming and I stream sometimes...Read More

  • lethalsupremee

    Josh Fletcher

    Im a competitive R6S player for Lethal 6...Read More

  • Snipex

    Kyle Blurton

    I love to play games and stream live stream them monday through fridayat 11pm pst here. mixer.com/snipex Avid Gamer add me on xbox as Lethal Snipex. Sponsoured by Insane Labs and catlisist mints. <iframe allowfullscreen src="https://mixer.com/embed/player/401566"></iframe>...Read More

  • lethal hazard

    Andrew Carter

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  • Lethal R3AL17Y

    James Hardy

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  • Mushroomie

    kenneth stroeken

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  • Lethal Jarhead1

    Kyle Metry

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  • Lordforest

    Hannon Shepard

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  • Nostalgic

    Corey Lane

    |17| PS4/PC | Existence is overated anyways | 9/26/16 <3 |...Read More

  • AyeBoy

    Anthony Gaither

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  • D3LUX3

    Cameron Garrigan

    North America eSports manager....Read More

  • makeyousquirtle

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  • Synyster

    Rene Gonzalez

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  • Redemption

    Brent Prather

    I was once a nobody, never considered to be anyone. My story begins simple and ends very complex. I currently, within Lethal Gaming, manage the World Of Tanks division and destroy noobs in pretty much every other game. Currently aspiring to own my own digital media business one day, ranging from graphic design to photography. Please feel free to contact me with any questions via my business e-mail above. "Digitize you success"...Read More

  • LethalCOCO

    #LifeIsTOOshortMakeTheMostOfIT. pizza critic, certified memer, nub designer, YOUTUBER and the only martian member in @LethalLLC! Owner And lead- @Vacion_...Read More

  • Lethal Venom

    Zoe Lee

    Hey, I'm venom! I'm a member of the lethal gaming and I stream most of the days, other days I am working. I try my hardest to balance and build my stream and rep lethal too. I am also a Concept Artist and a Graphic designer. #StayLethal...Read More

  • Lethal Hooter

    I ❤️ Venumm...Read More

  • ldybladestar

    Marie Boblit

    Hello everyone! I am Ldybladestar but all my friends call me Lexi!  I am new to the Lethal Family and I am so honored to be here. I play lots of different games from RPGs to FPSs (Which is Try and still learning on).  You can find me normally playing with Lethal_R3AL17Y and alot of my other Lethal brothers and sisters.  I will update and add more a little later :)...Read More