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Sat 12th Nov 2016 - 9:04pm : Gaming

Well, it's good to be back. A lot has been going on behind the scenes since the last time I was able to post on the Lethal Gaming website, so this article will serve to fill you guys in about everything involving Lethal Gaming over the past few months. 

For starters, probably the most exciting news for anyone who has been involved with Lethal Gaming for any period of time, is the fact that our Twitter account, @LethalLLC, has officially been verified. This is an incredible accomplishment, and Lethal would like to thank everyone involved over the years for all of their hard work and dedication into making this organization what it is today. 

However, we also need to thank the players who represent Lethal Gaming so well and wear the red and black with pride. This starts with our Call of Duty team, as Lethal is proud to officially announce our roster for MLG Vegas, the first open event for Call of Duty®: Infinite WarfareRobert “JuJu” Lamkin, Nick "Hate" O'Connor, Tristan "Spoof" Green and Michael "Beehzy" Said will all remain under the Lethal Gaming banner. 

This team-of-four ended the Call of Duty®: Black Ops III season with Lethal Gaming, competing at the 2016 Call of Duty World League Championship in the beginning of September, where they placed top-24. On the first day of the event, Lethal got off to a hot start. They began group play, in Group F, by taking on the Australian team, Tainted Minds. Lethal jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead in the series after winning Stronghold Hardpoint 250-88 and Redwood Search and Destroy 6-2. After losing Uplink on Evac 15-4, Lethal answered back with an overtime win on Fringe Capture the Flag to take the 3-1 series lead. 

But, Lethal had one more match to play on the first day of the event, and it was set to be against arguably the toughest team in their group, Team Infused. The Europeans came ready to play, taking the first map of Evac Hardpoint 250-220. But Lethal was determined to make a statement, winning Fringe Search and Destroy 6-3 and taking an overtime win on Infection Uplink to take a 2-1 lead in the series. However, Infused would not be denied, as they made the comeback to earn the 3-2 series win. 

Lethal played extremely well throughout the first day of the event, as many people didn't even think they would win a map against Infused. Their great play was rewarded when Beehzy earned a spot on the "SCUF Team of the Day." Since I was at the event, I also had a chance to sit down and talk to JuJu, the captain of the Lethal Gaming Call of Duty team. 

After ending day one with a 1-1 record, JuJu and the rest of Lethal were extremely confident heading into their final match of group play against Team Kaliber, who was surprisingly 2-0. In order to advance out of group play, Lethal needed to defeat Team Kaliber, which is exactly what they set out to do. Unfortunately, Team Kaliber was just playing too well, as they 3-0 swept Lethal to eliminate them from the tournament. But, the scores for these maps don't indicate how close each map really was. 

Despite a 1-2 record in group play, this Lethal Gaming roster really impressed a bunch of other people at the event, including myself. It is great to see these four players staying together under the Lethal banner heading into the first event of Infinite Warfare.  

Lethal also plays host to a Rainbow Six Siege team, as well as a Gears of War 4 roster. The players for the R6 team are Shake, RaMz, MnKenZ, BioLoGiC and Nifty, and the Gears roster was announced as MenTz, Decline, Po5eidonLakers and Tyrant.

Everyone here at Lethal is extremely proud of all the teams playing for this organization, and the future of Lethal Gaming definitely looks bright. 

Will you be rooting for Lethal Gaming at #MLGVegas? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @LethalLLC

Justin Binkowski is a writer for Lethal Gaming, as well as the Managing Editor for GAMURS, and he can be contacted by email at or on Twitter @JBinkk.



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